About Us


Stabplast Chemo Industries was established in 1988 and commenced commercial production from the same year itself. Starting from a single reactor the company now has grown multi-fold to be the biggest PVC Stabilizer manufacturer in central India.

Stabplast Chemo Industries specializes in manufacturing Individual and One pack Stabilizers for PVC.

Quality has been the focus of management since inception and supplying quality products at a competitive price still remains the major objective of the company. All the departments of the company are certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Stabplast Chemo Industries has a fully equipped laboratory and works with customers to develop products as per specific needs and requirements. The company thrives on providing technical support to cater the customer needs.

The company is committed to continuous improvement in research, production and manpower to serve the customers with advanced products, lower costs through higher productivity and unmatched customer service.

We are Professional

We are one of the key player that connects and grows the chemical industry with our knowledge and expertise

We are Trusted

Established in 1988, we have a vast experience of over 30 years in chemical technology

We Known For

Provides quality of work in all endeavors and to provide timely deliveries to all projects to the best of our ability.


Integrity, Credibility, Quality, Ethics and Trust.

Certified Products

Our all products are certified to ISO 9001:2008

Technical Support

We are providing technical support to resolve your query with best solutions.