Calcium Stearate (CS)

Stabplast SCI-105- CS (Calcium Stearate) acts as an excellent internal and external lubricant, which reduces, inter frictional heat build up arising out of inter-particle friction during processing of PVC. Stabplast’s Calcium Stearate SCI-105-CS is manufactured under strict process parameters and standardized procedures to provide finest quality product every time.  This Non Toxic product reduces effective melt viscosity, gives excellent resistance to colour degradation and also helps to impart a smooth surface finish.

Stabplast’s Calcium Stearate is being widely used in rigid pipes, fittings, conduits, wires, cables, shoes and leather cloth. The product is also being used in non toxic FDA approved compounds.

Appearance Fine White Powder
Calcium Content 7 - 9 %
Melting Point 145-160 C
Moisture Content 3% Max
Free Fatty Acid 1% Max
Packing 25 Kg HDPE Bag with Liner
  • PVC Pipes
  • PVC Fittings
  • PVC Cables
  • PVC Shoe Sole
  • Rubber and Leather Chemical