Tri Basic Lead Sulphate (TBLS)

Stabplast’sTri Basic Lead Sulphate is a non-lubricating type Lead stabilizer, which remains stable at elevated temperature without decomposition, ensuring sound products with absence of porosity. It is an exceptionally powerful heat stabilizer with a low cost.It is pulverized to provide very narrow particle distribution for better dispersion of the product.Stabplast’s products are manufactured under strict process parameters and standardized procedures to provide finest quality product every time.

Tri Basic Lead Sulphate (TBLS) is being used for manufacturing of rigid PVC pipes and fittings, wires and cables, soil pipes for conveyance of gases and liquids, rigid profiles, floor coverings, reinforced suction hoses , etc. It should be used in conjunction with Lubricants and other stabilisers such as DBLSDBLPLS,CS among others.

Appearance Fine White Powder
Lead Content 81-82%
Specific Gravity 6.5-7.0
Moisture 1% Max
Packing 50 Kg HDPE With Liner
  • PVC Pipes
  • PVC Fittings
  • PVC Cables
  • PVC Shoe Sole
  • Rubber and Leather Chemical